Friday, September 24, 2010

The lovely Cheryl Muhr

If you don't know who Cheryl Muhr is you should google her right now. I was lucky enough to meet her a little over three years ago and fell in love with her. She is amazing person, not to mention photographer and teacher!!!! Seriously, she made my business what it was because she was so open and willing to help and share her knowledge!

So I emailed her recently to ask her if I might use a few of her images for some of the things i'd been working on. I wasn't surprised when i not only heard back from her, but she said, YES. You can use my images!!! Cause that's how super nice she is.

So this morning i was all giddy when I woke up to find images that belong to the amazing Cheryl Muhr sitting in my inbox... MY INBOX! And not only were they beautiful, but they were some of my favorites by her. I think they scream cheryl!

So thank you Mrs. Muhr for letting me use your images! I used some of my photo overlays on them! The overlays work great for print and web. I love how they add just a little bit of jazz to a photo for the blog. Can you imagine how cute they'd look on baby announcements???? Seriously. A cute little doodle with the babies name, weight, length, and birthdate... I just sparked a little idea for my own new little guy...

Enjoy the photos, and again, thank you Cheryl, your work never ceases to amaze me!




To purchase these sets click on the link to my etsy shop, or scroll down and you'll find a buy now button for both sets!!! And i'd love to see what you make with them!

And just for fun! Leave a comment and we'll give a set away!! Next week! Tell me which is your favorite and why!!!

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e said...

your bling and cheryl's photos together look fabulous!
love the childhood series. your energy & capability never cease to amaze me, miss toni. (was the SW really 3 year ago? time can't fly that fast?!?!!)