Tuesday, January 29, 2008

what to do....

Well, when you're a photographer and it's too WINDY to shoot, then what do you do? Well, you make something and take pictures of it... yes, we like to call that product photography. Pretty nifty!

I think i might open a little etsy shop and sell these... "Office in a can." One SUPER cute pencil cup, 2 big paper clips, 9 close pin magnets, 5 whiteboard magnets.... what do you think? Silly? call me crazy!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

here's that cutie!! I was talking about.

so... miss E could quite possibly be the cutest little thing ever! she just was not up for smiling! That's ok though... we're going to do her and her 2 big sisters hopefully nest week, and outside if the weather permits. So everyone send good weather vibes my way!!! And we'll try out the snake scarf on her big sister, we'll whip out the new blanket, and we'll have ourselves a good 'ol time!!!

so until then, enjoy! and I have so fun!! ideas for when we can finally do a shoot outside! So hopefully we'll have some warmer weather!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jesse Walker Knit Goods...

ok... so the local delivery truck just pulled up to my house with a wonderful package yet again... and can I just say I LOVE packages!! Anyhow. In this cute brown box from colorado was some BEAUTIFUL hats, scraves, and a blanket from Jesse Walker Knit Goods!! You all definately need to check out her stuff. I just got an ear flap hat, the pom pom hat, the snake scarf (so fun), and a family size outdoor blankey!!! LOVE them! I'll be sure to use them at thursdays shoot... so check back to see the cuteness!!!!

long time... no post...

wow... has it really been that long since I last posted?!?! Holy ca-moly! Well, I just thought I'd pop on here and tell you all that I have some fun things in the mix for 2008! Some fun new ideas and some great, fabulous, funny, and crazy ideas for some photo shoots! So some of the lucky people that schedule with me will be surprised as I arrive to their shoots with some interesting (but totally FUN!) ideas! We're going to make it a fun filled 2008.

Also, if there is any mom out there interested in hosting a portrait party, let me know. It involves some great perks for the hostess and it makes for a great excuse for a get together. Just email me at toni@urbanphotostudio.com and I'll let ya in on all the little secrets!

I am photographing a CUTIE pie on thursday... seriously, I just want to snack on her all day... so get ready for some absolute CUTENESS!