Sunday, October 28, 2007

a few new favs...

This weekend I was lucky enough to have a session with some really good friends of mine! They are some of the most kind and wenderful people ever!!! I had so much fun photographing them and their cutie pie! You may remember him from a few posts back... but any how, this was a red couch session, so I'll get to some of those in a bit, but for now i just couldn't pass up posting these for her sneek peak!! Look how fun they are! Molly (the dog) was even kind enough to sit still... and she just isn't a sit still kind of dog! Hope you like these amanda!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

about as fall as we get...

Living in Texas is funny... with in a two day period everything falls off the trees and is dead. No real "fall" around here.... Crazy. So instead of pposting some great pictures of the beautiful leaves that we have here (they're still green or they're gone.) I thought I'd post a little bundled up Cutie-pa-tootie!! My cutie-pa-tootie actually! And yes, it was cold enough to be wearing a sweater... it was like, 65 out there! Woo! Cold weather's a-comin'! Ha ha! Hope these make ya smile and happy fall!


Monday, October 15, 2007

She wore me out!!!

Jk... but only slightly! She was a mover and a shaker! But in a perfectly good way! I'm not sure I've ever seen a faster one year old... and a cuter one year old! She defintely kept me on my toes! After that session it made me want a little girl so bad! Such a cute dress and cute shoes... someday! Well, sorry I'm late getting this up Nicol,, but I hope you like it!! You guys were so much fun to photograph and little miss is seriously too cute to handle. I may just have to set her up with my little guy. He tends to like the older ladies, but I don't think he'd have to think twice once he saw her! So here's your little sneek peak!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I have a lot of clients wanting to know what storyboards look like and what exactly they are... and since I have someone who's wanting a couple I thought i would showcase them for everyone to see. Well I'm sure remember the cuties that I photographed the other week, well their super cute mom wants a storyboard for each boys room. So we decided to do a 10 x 20 for each boys room and this is what we came up with. The possibilites for these things are really endless! THe first is 10x20 with 4 pictures that vary in size, and the 2nd is also 10x20 with two 7x7's... so each is different, but FABULOUS! Each storyboard comes mounted and sprayed for stabiltiy and quality. They are soooo popular right now and SO STINKIN CUTE!

Monday, October 8, 2007

this one's for you Amy...

Well, it doesn't take long for them to grow up... thats for sure. This little girl was just a little tyke when I first met her. Now she's become so beautiful! So here ya go mom... this is for you. THis is the picture her mom has chosen to send out on her Baptism anouncement. Its hard to believe she's going to be 8.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

a little bit of flare...

Yesterday I had the chance to take some pictures of a beautiful little 8 year old! Love her so much! She made these photos effortless! And hey, look at that flare action I got going on?! Pretty fun stuff!

Monday, October 1, 2007

feeling creative....

Because I loved the pictures of the boys so much i decided to make a little storyboard out of it! Fun huh? I love love love!!!!!!!!!!! storyboards. They're jsut so fun and fresh, and they put the pieces together that tell a story. Go click on the picture to make it bigger and have yourself a wonderful night. Sit back , relax, and enjoy the smile on innocence. Good night!

Oh yeah, and I'm having so much fun with all the stuff that I got over at PinkInkStudios, I thought I would paly around tonight!!! The second picture is just for fun!!