Friday, February 29, 2008

just one until monday...

perfect weather, perfect baby....

it's babies like this that always make me baby hungry for another! Her chubbs were SERIOUSLY do die for!!! I wanted to squeeze her till she popped! And on top of it all, she was soooooo good! We laid her down on the sidewalk, took all her little clothes off, and not a peep!!! She was an angel baby!

So here's a little sample until monday!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

i just couldn't wait!!!

So.... I just couldn't wait to show you what it looks like... this isn't the spot it's going in, i just took another picture down to hang it up there! But I seriously think I'm in love!!

with canvas that is!


well, I'm super excited!! I just got a canvas in yesterday and once my husband hangs it i'll take a picture to show everyone!!! It looks soooooooooooooooooo awesome! The only problem is that now i want to do my whole office in canvas prints!! Don't worry... I'll post a picture soon!

I had so much fun last night... if any of you out there like Michael Buble but haven't seen him in convert... GO! We drove down to austin last night to go see him and it was so fun!!! I am a little tired today though, considering we didn't get back until 3am... how did i EVER stay out that late before?!?!?

and i just decided to revisit an oldie, but goodie! Love this little guy!! I did it in black and white before, but i think i really like this!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i just had to.

I usually don't share pictures of my kids, but today... i just had to. As a photographer people tend to think I must have great pictures of my kids. The truth is... most photographers dont. Why you ask...? Well, they're so sick and tired of the camera in their face they do whatever to make it a more enjoyable experience for themselves, rather than think of the photographic possibilities. For example....

..... after entering the room and finding him like this (meaning undies on the head) I said, "WAIT! let me go get my camera!" At this point i can see the wheels turning now.... I can JUST SEE IT!

And my first mistake was to give him fair warning that I was coming, camera in tow! So yeah, he "strikes a pose!" And for all the photographers out there with girls... consider yourselves lucky... this is a typical "pose" for a young boy. Some may not understand it... but it's truly all the rage right now... it's on the verge of edgy. Just perfect for a three year old.

And now for example number 2.

He's a strapping young lad. Coming in a whopping 21 lbs., he can hold his own better than any other 1 yr. old. BUT. The moment he sees the camera, he comes lunging as fast as he can... causing distortion seeing as he is WAY too close to the lens. Although... I am a HUGE fan of those kinds of shots... just not when I want a sweet little picture of my own little hooligan!

And lastly... subject number 3.

He pretty much sums up why no photographer has a great picture of their own kid...

He's bold, he's fun, he's one of the fastest in the south... so for this guy i had to be quick! Once I finally got him down I used my foot to hold him down and shook it like a mad woman to make him laugh... did I get the smile? Yes. Did i get the picture? Yes. But then i opened it up on my computer only to find cheeto debris stuck in his teeth.

click on the picture to see the cheeto a little closer up!

Case in point.

Oh well... at least I'm getting my memories! And I TRUELY wouldn't want it any other way!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm resisting... I'm resisting...

I am trying to muster up enough strength to not show too many pictures from todays session.... and let me tell you... it's taking a LOT of strength!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little L and B are so flippin cute! I could just squish that babies cheeks all day long!! And their mom and dad are some of the coolest people ever!!!!!! They were just my kind of family... UP FOR ANYTHING! So on with the show!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

inside pics....

I realized that I don't show pictures taken from inside very often. I tend to shoot most of my clients outdoors. So, today I thought I'd show ya some stuff from my latest shoot with a little beauty queen. We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather! It was such a nice day to get out there and shoot! Hope ya'll enjoy these!

Friday, February 8, 2008

The WAIT is over!

It's a blustery day (week) in the neighborhood! I think we've been trying to do these pictures for so long now, that today came, and it was a nice day, just windy, we decided to go for it... well, we're going to try again another day. But we did get some of these. I liked them. So I thought I'd post em and show everyone the ideas that I have a brewin'. I have a little series that I want to do with the chalk and flowers and trees... and all sorts of things! Hopefully I can put to print what I have in my head.

Anyways, thought you might enjoy! Have a great weekend everyone!


Monday, February 4, 2008


Hopefully if the weather cooperates then we will be able to get out there and get some super cute pictures this afternoon! Stay stay tuned!!! These girlies are GORGEOUS!