Pre-made Blogs

I love designing... there's nothing better than making a little piece of eye candy!

I have started designing blog for ordinary people, photographers, etc. If you're interested in a Pre-made blog check out some of the ones we have available. You can find the links to them on your sidebar.

If you'd like to see a current blog that I just finished check this out:

my little rays of sunshine

All blogs include:

-2 or three column design
-custom header fonts and colors
-a little piece of blog art
-an etsy showcase if you're into that
-a linked within tab

If you'd like to add stuff on we can do that too.

Add on's include:

-tabs at the top
-sharing is caring social media options
-custom header
-logo design
-branding design
-anything else you might like

I am a former photographer and know the industry well. If you'd like photography consultation or branding consultation I'd be happy to give you a quote. I found much success very quickly, but decided that with 5 kids, my main job needed to be them... so for now I'm decided to do something that i can do from the couch... to go back to my roots and design.

Here are some blogs currently ready to go!  It includes these headers, or you swap it out for something else!  Just let me know!