Monday, March 31, 2008

Magazine Cover!

I've been keeping a secret and it's been killing me! I wanted to tell everyone once I found out but I thought I'd let it be a surprise instead.

I'm excited to announce that we got our shots on the cover of Kids Trends Weekly! It's a fabulous magazine with great tips, finds, and ideas for moms with kids. You can also check out their other magazine, Tot Trends Weekly, if you have little tots rather than big kids! If you're a mom with kids, go subscribe to their weekly newsletters! You'll look forward to them every week!

And congrats to Miss K. She totally worked that Umbrella!

So to any future clients, you never know... you're little cutie could be the next cover!

Monday, March 24, 2008

more favorites...

I hope that everyone had a wonderful easter! Ours was full of love, egg hunts, and chocolate. All things that make a wonderful easter!! We even tried the tie dye eggs this year... I totally recommend them! Even with young children! They were so easy and to cool in the end!

Now that he's seen all his pictures I thought I'd post a few more. They turned out so great! I could probably put up ten more, but that would just be overload!!!

these are a few more of my favs.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

a little shout out!!

So, recently I posted pictures of a cute little mom and her sweet little baby... scroll down just a tad and you'll see them... mommy just so happens to have a little etsy shop that offers the cutest little things! She recently whipped me up a little box of goodies! All customized just for me!! (did I ever tell you how much I LOVE getting packages!!!!!!)

Everyone needs to go check out her stuff! Especially if you're a photographer. She does custom orders and has the best ideas! She's one of the sweetest and most creative people I have ever met! So let's flood her with orders and show her how much we love her stuff! And pick up a little can of "Spring in a can"! I have three now thanks to her! My kiddos are so excited to watch the grass grow!

Heres the link to her shop!
Her Blog

Thursday, March 13, 2008

senior year...

It seems like so long ago for me, I mean, three kids and a mini van later it should be... but It really wasn't too long ago! I graduated from the home of the "Fighting Farmers". Stop laughing... I'm not even kidding! Our mascot was Big John, and he would walk around with a pitch fork... Only in texas people! We won state a few times, made it on the back of a wheaties box (not me, our school... had ya there for a minute didn't I!!!), and got our name and mascot from back in the day when our school was first established and we didn't even have enough students in the school to make a football team( now there's over 4,000 students), so the local farmers joined in on the fun! TRUE story people!!! I love coming from such fun roots and such great traditions. Each year when it was time to play our biggest rival we would rent out texas stadium (where the Cowboys play all their home games) and would hold it there! It's called the battle of the axe game. Which ever team wins goes home with axe to put on display until the next year! Such fun! Such fun!

Well, those days are gone for me, but I'm so happy!! Life is great and couldn't be any better and more exciting! I love this time of year because I get to photograph soon to be High School graduates and newbies in college! This time couldn't get any more exciting for these guys! Life will take on a whole new meaning, and doors will open and new paths will be taken!

Yesterday i got to photograph my first senior of 2008. Not only did he schedule his own appointment with me... he was on time! Mason's mom, you should be SO proud! I don't know very young men with that much discipline! Mason is about to study anthropology and well, become one of those really smart people who makes a great impact on everyone! So Mason, hope you had fun yesterday! I sure did! We tried out some new spots and I think we found some winners!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Little miss P!

Well, as most of you all know, we have had some CRAZY weather here in TX! One day it was 70, and the next night it was snowing HUGE snowflakes and we ended up getting 7 inches... IN TEXAS! CRAZY I tell you! So my friday session had to be rescheduled, and my saturday, well, we weren't sure what to do! We thought We needed to get this little cutie indoors! So she came to visit me this time! You may remember her and her family from last fall. They were one of my favorite photographs that last year....

Miss P is 18 months now and just as much on the move as last time! Mom has her hands full! But we were thinking it would just be too cold out side for her so we thought we'd move it in.. then they got here and the weather was actually pretty nice, so after a few indoor stuff we headed outside and WOW! These could be some of my favorite images for this year too!

So miss P, thank you for playing with me! You were an absolute DOLL as always, and I had SOOOO much fun! It's also such a bonus that mom and dad are some of the coolest people too! And please, do check out her boots! You can only find cool boots like this in Texas! Thank you stockyards! And do you think they make cute little sweaters like that in big girl sizes? Cause I love it!!!

And mom went inside to grab something while we were taking these, so these are a total surprise to her! Don't you love how she hammed it up Nichol?!! Hope you love them as much as I do!

Monday, March 3, 2008

i just want to eat her!

I promised more of this little sugar pie and here she is! She was so happy and smily! We even had her belly laughing! She really was a dream of a baby!!! And it helps that mom is a total knock out too! THey flew in town with my wonderful sister-in-law so we had to take some pics before they headed back home. I never had chubby babies. Mine were all so tiny, so she was a treat!!!