Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Tags for you!

Since it's thursday and that means that three of the 4 kids are home all day we decided to do some "projects" to help make the time go by a little bit faster! Since tomorrow is Oct. 1st we wanted to make the boys teachers a fun little halloween goodie to sit on their desks and to tempt all the little children!! :)

So we just got some of our canning jars out, filled them with candy corns, and printed out these cute little labels to slap on top! So fun! So easy! So cute!

And we thought it would be nice to share the cute little circle tags with you! So enjoy! Click here to download!

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Angie Higa said...

Hi Tonie - I just wanted to finally leave a comment, because I think you're awesome. I've been watching your blog for a couple years now, and not only are you a super photographer, but you're a super mom. I love how you've switched up your blog - i love where you're going with things :) You're a doll, and keep up the amazingness of all you do!