Tuesday, July 27, 2010

little nugget

this little nugget is already three months and getting sweeter by the day! Every time he comes over Charlie is in heaven... she's just started to LOVE babies.... which is kinda scary... seeing how we're about to be bringing another one home.... Bust she heard him crying one day and went and got him one of her diapers and her wipes... such a sweet little mama! I can't wait to see what we have. I hope it's a sister so she can play house and be mommies together some day.

my mother and father-in-law are currently living in California. They've been serving on a mission for 18 months and are about to come home, so they've never meet this sweet guy yet, they've only seen his pictures and skype of course... but she went to her local wallgreens there and had some prints of him made, went back a little while later to get some more made and happened to see a familiar face, her little grandson up on their wall!!! And of course it just so happened to be my picture... so funny. She asked them about it and said, "um..... what is my grandson doing up on your wall?" Haha!



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Ashley said...

i am so glad that now I can put pictures up of this little guy all over the place! love the pics!