Friday, April 24, 2009

Mod Mom Mini Sessions

Well, we're about to start a new thing!!! I've teamed up with a FABULOUS lady who just so happens to run a FABULOUS boutique in dallas and plano called Pickles and Ice Cream. It's filled with the cutest maternity clothes that would make anyone want to be pregnant maybe just one more time!

So, on Sat. May 30th we're bringing you Mod Mom Mini Sessions. They're fun and quick little mini sessions to get just enough pictures of yourself being pregnant without having to book a whole session and fill up an album! Because truth be told, most of us don't like pictures of ourselves anyways!!! BUT, we will always want to look back and remember how it was, and just how cute we really were.

So head on down to the Plano or Dallas store and get on the list! We're going to book them every 15 minutes. And you can pick up something cute to wear while you're there!!

Different packages will be available.



Rebekah said...

what a FUN opportunity for you, t! and such a fab shot on your ad! :)

Holly Fry said...

So cute!!