Monday, March 9, 2009

Senior year!

There's nothing quite like your senior year! I hear it's no different for this super talented girl! She's destined for the big screen or broadway!! Once everyone sees her do clapping hands (inside joke) america will fall in love!!!!! Haha! Well Kelsey, I had a super fun time with you! I'm glad we got to try out the new chair!!! And yes, I was right, I have so many favorites from your session I don't know how you'll ever choose!!!





JK's Mental Notes said...

Very cool Toni! She's going to love these. Beautiful!!!!!

Hope you are doing well. I can't believe how fast you went back to doin' your 'thang after having Charlie!!! You are amazing!!!!


Rebekah said...

these are beautiful shots, toni...and what a gorgeous girl! :) the new chair!

Sarah Wheeler said...

It looks like a wonderful session! Great colors too :)

kristen said...

that's my cutie sis! very bright and cheery - just like her :) you are too creative, toni. super job!!

Jennifer said...

gorgeous girl love the locations and pop of color in these!

Maria H said...

These are gorgeous Toni, I love your work so much!