Thursday, November 13, 2008

love this family!

This family is so great!! We lived by them in AZ, and then they came and moved out by us here!! Miss R and my Jack are just a couple days apart, look like they could be twins, and are in the same class at school!! And Holly does my hair, so not only are we great friends, but I couldn't live without her... you all know you feel that same way about your hair dresser!!! So we braved the cold and got some family pictures for them for this year!! And if you can't tell, miss R has more personality in her big toe than three people combined!!!


Jennifer said...

what a beautiful family with lots of great vibrant colors!

~S said...

Love them!! Fun fun colors, and such a cute family!

smallfry21 said...

I love this family too! Holl is my sis-in -law and I was able to see them this weekend in Utah and finally meet little London! You take great pictures! You'll have to come to Utah with Holl sometime and take some pics of my family. I love Holl, she is such a true friend and you are lucky you get to have her by you! Kimi