Wednesday, September 17, 2008

who is the man behind the mask?

... because he lives within them.
... because at some point, every little boy is one.
... and because he needs proof!

Urban Photo is excited to announce the launch of a new session line. The SUPER HERO session. Because the moments of childhood are fleeting, and each child deserves to remember it the way it really was. And because every little boy deserves proof that he was a super hero! Contact me for details. Let's just say it's a session to remember! And stay tuned... a session just for little girls will be announced soon.

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Sarah Wheeler said...

Super hero's are so fun, good luck!

emily law said...

Ahhh! Atleast we know we are safe again!! Love them, so much fun!!!

JK's Mental Notes said...

Very cute! Very cool idea! Can't wait to see more... and what you have in store for the little girly girls!

Hey, off topic... you doin' ok out there with all the crazy storms, hurricanes etc? You must... you're blogging.. duuuh. lol

Anyway.. Miss our chats.. hope all is well... can't wait to see pix of that growin' belly!


Jennifer said...

hahaa, he is so cute and what a great session style to offer!

Jinksee said...

What a great idea!! Super cute. You'll have fun with this, I'm sure! :D

TanyaE said...

Awesome idea!!! I need 4x6's of our 2 little hero's pictures.

shahna said...

You are so amazing toni! We finally got our pics framed and on the wall. Check out my blog to see for yourself. I have a post on it. It looks so great-all because of you!!!!

E said...

hes adorable.. what a great series