Monday, May 12, 2008

just call them the newly weds!

I don't ever do weddings unless they fall under these three categories....

1. I'm related to you. And there for by default I'm your photographer.... and if you dare choose someone else, you knew my wrath would come upon you....

2. I REALLY like you... and I can tell it's going to be one fun party!!!!

3. There's going to be really good cake!

This bunch fell under all three categories. I had so much fun!!! Not mention some killer cake. They're the most fun couple and I wish them all the best! Thanks for letting me be there to share in on the fun!!!!


JK's Mental Notes said...

Hey! Those are the very same categories I have for determining if I will GO to a wedding!!! LOL Just kidding! (kinda) LOL

Anyway. No matter what you photograph, you always do it well!

Hope all is well with you Toni!

All my best!

TheBombria's said...

Absolutely love all of them and that cake looks soooooo yummy!!!