Monday, May 19, 2008

heart throb part two!

Well, it looks like I'm not the only sucker for cute babies... I think we had an comment for "more more more"... (it was his grandma, but still!!!!). So here he is, his little family and all. They really were so fun! THey were up for anything which always makes the day a blast! I hope you all love these. And ladies, unless you're under 10 months you're too old for him!


The Valenzuelas said...

need more!! I love them I am not a very patient person! thank you so much! we loved it! my husband who is not a picture person said he loved it and he loves the pics! Thanks again your amazing!

Alex Perry said...

Toni, you really are amazing! I so wish we still lived there so you could continue to take pics of my girls. You are awesome girl you have come a long ways and I am so amazed everytime I see these pics you take. Great job!