Friday, December 10, 2010

Another calendar set!

I've been busier than ever wrapping up sessions, making gifts for loved ones, preparing for class parties, and um... GETTING READY FOR BABY! I can't believe it's almost time. It's really 3 or 4 weeks away still, but I know I won't last that long. Maybe another week... I always have my babies around 2 weeks early. SO that would be next weekend! I'm feeling excited to not be pregnant, nervous to have five kids and the whole hospital experience... mine have never gone smoothly, and even sad... sad to know that this will probably be my last time to go to the hospital to meet a new little person and to feel that closeness of the heavens opened as this little soul enters the world.

But with all that business I still manage to find time to make a few new things! Here's one of them! This is for all those people that don't want to take the time to put pictures in templates! It's a full little typography calendar if you will! A little funky! A little fun! Perfect to start off the new year!

This is a printable calendar. I will email you the files in jpeg and pdf format so you can either print on 5x7 photo paper, or just regular paper... it's up to you! Get a cute frame or a fun little easel and you're done!


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