Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Book Wreath

So I know you probably want to make a book wreath too!! So here a few of the ones I found. All equally fantastic!!!

This is the one I went with:

book wreath

here is another:

book wreath

another take on it:

book wreath

And this one I have admired for SOOOO long

book wreath
and really admire EVERYTHING she does (The fabulous Danielle, or Dandee)... I'm lucky enough to know this creative mama. She lives by & is super close friends with my SIL, and sometimes come to visit us down here in texas with said fabulous SIL.
Be sure to check out her most recent posts too about the super creative Project Craft that she and the Lovely Lindsay put on. Makes me wish I lived there so I could have attended. I told her she needs to make project craft a traveling event and bring it here to dallas... any else here in on that?!?!? Ok, stop reading this and click her link!!!

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