Monday, December 14, 2009

so sorry!!!

I've been meaning to blog this FOREVER. And really I feel like a terrible person because I have let it sit here this long. A few months back I did some photos for a friend of her newborn baby, who is edible by-the-way, and a few weeks after a little package showed up at my door. And what was in side of that little package was fabulous!

Kenzie had made me a camera strap for my camera and SEVERAL super cute pairs of earrings that I ALWAYS get compliments on!! SO THANK YOU KENZIE!!! I have been putting that camera strap to good use!!! And really, it's the cutest thing I've seen!!!

I'm sure she'd love to make anyone else out there one, or two, or three if you'd really like... i'm a girl who loves options... maybe you are too! Check out her blog for fun crafty tips, ideas, inspiration, and maybe have her make ya something for your someones this christmas!

And I think charlie need ones of these for her dollies... well, soon to be dollies... What would it take for me to get my hands on one of these little babies!!!??? Made by Kenzie.

oh me oh my.... I can just imagine a darling little girl running around in this. I actually already have two children's size aprons and LOVE when I see kiddos in them. Also made by Kenzie.

And if your neck is begging you to be warm i would recommend one of these. My wonderful SIL makes them and let me just say I LOVE the plum ruffle... or anything with a ruffle for that matter. Check it out.

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Amanda said...

how do i get these things!!???