Wednesday, September 9, 2009

tiny miracles

mir.acle. these two little ones are just that. we were scheduled to do mom's maternity pictures when I got a phone call telling me to scratch that idea... she'd already had the babies. but how? she was only 29 weeks!! amazingly, both babies are ok and are home now. so what did we do? celebrated with pictures of course! what else would we do?

welcome to the world little ones. the sky's the limit.







Becky said...

You have the best eye. I'd have to display that third block of images really huge!! Thank God the babies are okay. Really great work Toni!!! said...

I've been following your blog for a while now, but just wanted to actually say hi and say great work! Love these. I actually found you through Brittany Elmer (she was in my freshman ward at BYU).

sarah wheeler said...

these are so sweet, and what pretty babies!

Mindy Jo said...

what a blessing! sweet little babies & great photos toni. Love the head-to-head shot and the daddy reading! perfect!

Kinzie Sue said...

gorgeous pictures as always. love how the onesies turned out. what precious little babes!